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Sports Fan | World Traveler | Fashionista

● Hair:  Black      ●  Eyes:  Light Brown 

●  Height:  5'4"   ●  Weight:  145 

●  Size:  6-8         ●  Shoe:  7.5

"Be bebot bebot bebot be...Filipino! Filipino! Filipino" (Black Eyed Peas)


Yes, I am a proud Filipina, who loves to dance to a great beat and have fun.  When I was a kid, I loved "pretending" and "acting out" stories with my sister and cousins - but this was all "play" for me.  As a Filipina, I was the designated child to pursue a career in medicine.  I played the role of a good Filipina daughter until I broke it to my parents upon graduation that going to medical school was not in the cards for me.  So I found my way in higher education and developed into a well versed higher education administrator, earning both my BA in Psychology and MA in Intercultural Communication at San Diego State University; and my Educational Leadership Doctorate at the University of Southern California.  I currently serve as the STEM Marketing Public Affairs Officer for the College of Engineering at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and have been in this position since April 2011.  Prior to this, I served as the Associate Director for New Student Programs at the University of Hawai`i at Hilo from 2006-2011; and was at San Diego State University in various positions in both academic and student affairs from 1999-2006.  Having such a multi-faceted career in education, I didn't think there was anything else for me.


But I started feeling like I should be doing something else.  As I started to dabble in modeling and acting, with the encouragement of my best friend, I sought out an agent and enrolled in acting class.  I was delighted by the new, scary but exciting challenges that came with acting and I wanted more.  Having trained with Scott Rogers Studios in Hawaii and Iris Klein of Los Angeles, I have slowly but surely been building my acting credits in student films, such as Shero, Shattered Dreams, and Day Pass.  I am proud to have been part of the SAG-Signatory film, Angel by Thursday and have been seen in local print commercials for Aulani and American Savings Bank.  Most recently you can see me in the first ever stop-motion commercial filmed in Hawaii for Aloha Gas.   


When I am not educating students, training or auditioning, you can find me promoting healthy skin care through my Rodan+Fields business; going on a hike or taking a kickboxing class at the gym; or at a Padre or Charger game.


HAIR Black      

EYES Light Brown 

HEIGHT  5'4"  


SIZE 6-8        



• Poliahu (Detour)           Lana                 Kristen Kouke       New York University

• Summer Reel Camp     Julie                  Erin Lau                 Women in Filmmaking

• Day Pass                        Auntie Deb      Erin Lau                 Academy of Creative Media

• Shattered Dreams       Anna/Mom      Erin Lau                 Academy of Creative Media

• Angel By Thursday      Police Officer    Jeff Wallace           Tight Spot Productions

• Shero                             Lymaria            Lymari Graciano    Academy of Creative Media
• Submarino                    Valentina          Aladdin El-Kadi       Academy of Creative Media


• Paradise Justice, Psychiatrist                                                            Support       YouTube Web Series

• Halsey Music Video, Renegade Police Officer                                Support      MTV/Capitol Records

• Hawaii Five-O, Tour Guide                       Season 6 Premiere        Co-Star       CBS
• Living Local with the Baraquio's             Kokohead Segment       Featured     KFVE
• Living Local with the Baraquio's             Nia Dancing Segment    Featured    KFVE
• Style File with Macy’s : Business Casual Segment                           Model         KHNL/KGMB
• Style File with Macy’s : Dressing for Your Size Segment               Model        KHNL/KGMB

• MAMo Werable Art Show                       Runway Model                                  MAMo, Hawaii Theatre

• Aloha Gas Commercial                           Soccer Mom                                      Regional Television Commercial

• American Savings Bank                          Print Model                                        Commercial Print
• Aulani Disney                                           Tour Guide                                         Commercial Print


Training & Workshops

• Actors Core Training, Voice Overs                             Yumi Iwama                        Pacific New Media

• Actors Core Training, Improv                                     Amy Hill                                Pacific New Media

• Theatre 222, Scene Study                                           Elizabeth W. Walczak          University of Hawaii at Manoa

• Drop-In Improve Workshop                                       Think Fast                            Honolulu

• Acting Intensive Workshop                                        Yumi Iwama & Amy Hill     Pacific New Media

• Acting on Camera Intensive Workshop                   Scott Rogers                        Scott Rogers Studios

• Theatre 323, Acting on Camera                                Scott Rogers                        University of Hawaii at Manoa

• Auditions Workshop                                                   Scott Rogers                        Scott Rogers Studios

• Adult Acting Class                                                        Scott Rogers                       Scott Rogers Studios

• Scene Study                                                                  Iris Klein                               Iris Klein


• Dance (Ballroom, Hip-Hop) 

• Hula

• Karaoke Singer

• Kick-boxing

• Lei Making (Ti leaf & variety) 

• Paddler

• Running (Marathon Finisher)

• Zumba








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